Exchange Rewards

Find more information about exchanges' native integrations of Elixir

The below links correlate to each of Elixir's native integrations' exchange reward programs that users can earn. This page is hosted and periodically updated by Elixir as a convenience to end users.

These are external exchanges - each is different, and are incentivized by the exchanges themselves.

Vertex Fusion: 4,206,900 VRTX annually, distributed weekly

Vertex VLP: Coming soon.

Bluefin Nexus: 35,000 SUI and 250,000 pre-launch BLUE tokens, distributed weekly

RabbitX fAMM: 2.5% of RBX supply set aside for next 2.5 years, distributed weekly

ApeX Protocol: Coming soon.

Satori Nexus: Coming soon.

Hyperliquid Aqua: Coming soon.

dYdX v4: Coming soon.

Orderly Quantum: Coming soon.

NFTPerp Turbine: Coming soon.

30+ others coming soon.

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