Native Exchange Integrations

Elixir is natively integrated by leading decentralized exchanges, enabling retail users to supply liquidity directly to orderbooks and earn subsidized APYs

Both perp and spot orderbook DEXs face a fundamental issue in bootstrapping liquidity - the only options for liquidity are centralized market making firms.

Elixir can easily be integrated into DeFi orderbook-based exchanges, enabling retail users to one-click supply liquidity to orderbooks, earning subsidized APYs.

Through Elixir, leading orderbook DEXs will be able to allow users to passively supply liquidity to pairs, building up the orderbooks and unlocking retail liquidity for their orderbooks. This results in tighter bid-ask spreads and deeper liquidity for trading pairs. Rewards for LPs are paid for by the exchanges, either through long term Elixir incentives or via their liquidity provider incentive programs.

This creates an alternative to the existing status quo where DEXes need to court a handful of centralized firms for market making.

For more insights into the algorithm that Elixir uses to build up orderbooks for these pairs, take a look at our "Building Orderbooks Algorithmically" section.

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