Exchange Orderbook Connections

Elixir connects to exchange orderbooks to build up liquidity.

Exchanges expose websockets to provide low-latency updates on trades, positions, and order books. The Elixir network consumes these real-time data streams and periodically snapshots the order book into a dataframe in time slices corresponding to the network's tick size. The dataframe data is normalized to provide a consistent representation of order books across individual exchanges.

What are Dataframes?

In essence, dataframes are a consistent source of truth that allow Elixir's security infrastructure and users themselves to verify the honesty and accuracy of data flowing throughout the network.

Dataframes are cryptographically signed and broadcast to all participants in the network. Network participants can verify the provenance of the data frame by checking the signature - this can be done both on-chain and off-chain.

The signed dataframe can be used to contest proposed orders coming from nodes in the network as well as the overall positions held in the network.

For more information on Elixir's technical architecture, please reference the "Validator / Node Network" section.

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